Augmented Reality

With the emergence of Pokémon Go, more and more people begin to know the abbreviation ‘AR’. However, the majority of people just know this game uses the AR technology, but they don’t know what the AR is. This blog will first explain what AR is. Then it will introduce the elements and classification of AR. Finally, it will list the application of this technology.

What is AR

AR is the abbreviation of ‘Augmented Reality.’ From the name, it is evident that it is a combination between virtuality and reality. It is a technology that makes the virtuality and reality in real-time fusion, which enables the virtual world and real world interact with each other. AR is the extension and development of virtual reality, which adds the real-world environment. It combines the computer-generated sensory input including dynamic images, sound, video, and data of GPS and a physical, real-world context. In short, AR brings the digital world into the reality that we can perceive.

The Elements of AR

There are three elements of AR. The first one is that the content the device displays must contain the virtuality and reality, which is the primary component of AR. The second one is that the fusion must be in real-time. The fusion must be dynamic rather than static and can alter with the change of environment. The third element is that the device must create a 3D context, which means creating the spatial scale on the screen. The screen will show up different content with your movement.

The Classification of AR

As I have mentioned above, AR is a combination between virtuality and reality. According to the various ways of fusion, we can classify the AR into two categories. The first type is involving in the real objects. The other kind doesn’t need real objects. Pokémon Go belongs to the second type, which doesn’t need the aid of objects. The first type is like the product Gomo, which I will introduce you in my later blog.

The application of AR

The use of AR can be diverse and broad. My following blogs will show you how the technology of AR applies in the smartphone; how AR changes the fashion industry; how AR refers to children’s treatment and how AR uses in arts censorship. Obviously, the market of AR is tremendous potential.

By the Way

If you are an ordinary audience, I hope you can gain knowledge from my blogs, and I’m glad if you could share your ideas about AR with me.

If you are an AR technology developer, I hope you can derive some inspiration from my blogs, and I’m glad if you could share your suggestions about AR with me.

If you are an investor, I hope you can make a good choice from this tremendous potential market.


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