Virtual World is Visible

“He knows Pikachu, but everyone knows Pikachu!” a woman who was fighting with a man said with anger. It’s a really fun and hilarious video on the internet. Undoubtedly, you have been involved in Pokémon Go these days, proactively or passively.

The picture of Pocket Monsters. Pic: Claudio Coloma Pradenas/ No known copyrights restrictions

The TV Anime Pocket Monsters was doomed to be a miracle. It was born in Japan in 1997, and famous all over the world. The cute and fantastic monsters, the friendship between the trainers and monsters, and the adventures in the story all attract us and make us put ourselves into this magical world. Until now, Pikachu is still one of the most popular images in the world.

The happy and unforgettable memory of our childhood is not the only reason why the game creates a great stir throughout the world, but the important one. Expect the nostalgia, the technology about Augmented Reality (AR), which aims to interact and bridge the virtual world and real world, is a direct motivation in this wave.

The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, and Niantic Labs created this game for smartphone together. After the releasing of Pokémon Go, Nintendo’s share price had a huge jump in the week. “It is clear that the future of gaming is more inline with the AR focus of Pokémon GO rather than VR,” Ollie Barder, a Forbes writer, said.

The players use the GPS to locate their positions, catch the shown monsters, and even have a battle in the clubs. The most impressive part is the pre-camera of your mobile phone will open when you find a monster and want to catch it. The vivid cartoon image just appears in the real world! It even moves! What an amazing thing!


The interface of Pokémon Go. Pic: Darren Mark Domirez/ No known copyrights restrictions

Are you ready to go outside to catch your monsters or to become a Pokémon trainer? Are you ready to search the world of augmented reality with me? Let’s go.

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