About Xiaoli Fan

Xiaoli Fan is a Chinese postgraduate student at the University of Melbourne, majoring in Global Media and Communication. Before studying at the University of Melbourne, she has received a bachelor degree in education at China Women’s University in Beijing.

She is fond of her former major, applied psychology. In the beginning, she chooses to learn media is to find an efficient way to spread the obscure and academic knowledge about psychology, hoping more and more people get to know it. However, when she involves in this field, she is attractive by it totally, especially how the new technologies change our life and concepts.

In recent years, with the development of technology, we all live in a fast changeable world. The technology changes not only our way of life but also our cognition about the world. Her blogs will discuss how the technology enhances the interaction between the virtual world and real world, and concentrate on augmented reality (AR), exploring it from professional perspective focusing on the development of AR, the marketing of AR, and the application of AR. Also, she is a fan of Pokémon Go. Welcome to share experience with her.

Picture of Xiaoli Fan, taken by Miss Zheng, used with permission

You can get more information about Xiaoli from her CV, read and comment her blogs below, or visit the Education pages. If you require any further information or any questions, feel free to contact her.